Matra Vasti Therapy
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Why You Really Need (A) matra vasti

Matra vasti is a type of sneha vasti - fat enema. It has been highly praised for its extensive and multi-dimensional use.

Before applying some gentle massage is done on stomach, lumbar and buttocks using warm oil. After this lubricate anus and tube before inserting. Useing a disposable syringes or a catheter. The oil is held as long as the possible before it is released.

Before the treatment patients are guided to eat only a light meal. Following Vasti, it is necessary to wait 2-4 hours before the next meal and prefer light food and coriander tea. Otherwise, indigestion or fever may result. If the oil is not eliminated it will be absorbed and it not an issue.

Indications for matra vasti 

  • Vyayama karshita - those who have got weak due to excessive exercises
  • Karma karshita - people who are debilitated due to excessive work, strenuous work
  • Bhara karshita - people who are debilitated due to excessive lifting of weights
  • Adhwa karshita - people who are debilitated due to excessive walking
  • Yana karshita - people who are debilitated due to excessive travelling
  • Stree karshita - people who are debilitated due to excessive indulgence in sexual intercourse
  • Durbala - excessive weakness
  • Vatabhagneshu - people who are suffering from diseases caused due to vata vitiation.


  • Anasthapya - all those conditions in which asthapana vasti is contra-indicated
  • Abhukta bhukta - on empty stomach (in a person who has not consumed food)
  • Nava jwara - acute fever
  • Pandu roga - anaemia
  • Kamala - jaundice
  • Prameha - diabetes, stubborn urinary diseases
  • Arsha - piles
  • Pratishyaya - coryza, cold congestions
  • Arochaka - anorexia
  • Manda agni - low digestion
  • Durbala - weakness
  • Pleeha udara - splenomegaly (enlargement of spleen)
  • Kapha udara - abdominal diseases caused by vitiated kapha
  • Urustambha - stiffness of thigh
  • Varcho-bheda (atisara) - diarrhoea
  • Visha peeta - poisoning
  • Gara peeta - consumption of artificial added poisons
  • Kapha abhishyanda - conjunctivitis caused by morbid kapha
  • Guru koshta - heavy abdomen (hard bowel movement)
  • Shleepada - filariasis
  • Gala ganda - goitre
  • Apachee - cervical lymphadenopathy
  • Krimi koshta - worms in intestine
  • Prameha -urinary disorders, diabetes
  • Kushta - skin diseases, leprosy
  • Sthoulya - obesity

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